Here we give you some advice on sizes for children and women to consult before ordering.

We strongly advise you to address us when ordering information on your height, waist, hip and chest measurement (cm)to allow you to wear a perfectly fitting garment.

International conversion of sizes

This chart will help you convert sizes before ordering.

Size guide for children from 2 to 12 years old

Our little princes and princesses grow up at their own pace.

We advise you to order a size above if your child is taller than average. For example, a 3 year old size for a 2 year old who is a bit tall.

This chart is indicative to help you understand the measurements we use.

Taille: size

Hauteur: height

Tour de poitrine: chest

Taille: waist size

Hanche: Hips

intérieur jambe: inside legs

Size guide for our dresses

This table is really indicative, knowing how much we all have a different morphology.

A woman may be thin with a strong chest , wide hips , another may have generous curves with a small chest. We do not really believe in standards.

We strongly advise you to send us your own measurements to adjust your dresses to your size.

poitrine: chest

Taille: waist size

Hanche: Hips

Some tips for your measurements:

1. CHEST: Go around your chest at the strongest place. It is advisable to wear a bra.

2. SIZE: Take it really deep in your waist

3. HIPS: Take the measure 20 cm below the hollow of the waist