Who are we ?

RootSa means '' Roots of Sarah ''. That is Sarah's roots. RootSa is a new brand that offers via an online store, accessible to all, from any country, stylish and modern wax clothing for women, men and children. Our goal is to showcase our African roots.

Sarah is a a beautiful princess with an Haitian mother and a Beninese father. This blend of two strong cultures and colorful clothing style symbolizing fighting spirit, strength and life is the source of inspiration for our brand.

Cottecheese, a young Haitian woman with an atypical career, is the passionate behind RootSa . Follow her on the social media @cottecheese . Obviously, it takes a whole village to carry out a project. Augustine, her sister-in-law, another passionate about African fashion and wax, is one of the pillars of RootSa .

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